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  • Kinds of materials:polyester fabric,aluminum foil,cotton ,canvas..
  • Size & printing can be customized for your any Insulated Bags.
  • Used in Lunch bag,frozen food bag,gift shopping,Grocery.
  • Feature :Insulated,convenient, eco-friendly,portable,green,leisure.
  • Occasions to use:fundraising,brand promotional event,travel ,retail store.

Newway Eco-Friendly Bags Advantages

  • Direct Factory Price
    You can get competitive Eco Bags price directly from factory. Buy directly from Eco friendly bag manufacturer.
    One-stop Solutions
    Product solution, sample first, then payment, production, shipment and after sales, the whole PDCA system.
    Eco friendly Printing
    We only use water based inks on your Cotton Bags. This is the most environmentally friendly way of printing.
    Quality Guarantee
    All products purchased have a 6 months limited warranty against defects in material and workmanship.
    Accept OEM Bag Orders
    Custom material, size, color, logo and quantity, help to suggest solutions to meet your budget requirements, support your own brand establishment.
    Delivery in time
    The finished Canvas bags bulk will be delivered in time as per your request. All products are inspected before delivery.

Why do we choose Newway bag

  • Insulated Bag factory with high quality with cheaper price.
  • We will process the artwork with your personalized.
  • ISO, CE standards for all Newway Insulated Bag.
  • The very fast lead time and sample making.
  • Strictly Inspected Before Delivery.
  • Newway are looking for partners in global market.

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The Complete Buying Guide: Insulated Bags

Food delivered in insulated bag

Food delivered in insulated bag

If you are in the food delivery service, you must be familiar with an insulated bag. Sometimes they are also referred to as a thermal bag for food. This is because they are used to preserve the temperature of the food.

There is a wide variety of insulated bags. They come in different size, shapes, and fabrics. Before you buy one, ensure that you have the right information. In this article, we are going to give you a full guide on what you need to know about insulated bags.

Chapter 1: What is Insulated Bag?

The insulated bag is a special type of thermal bag for food that is made and designed to maintain the temperature of food.

It can keep the food warm or cold depending on what you want.

Insulated bags have become very popular in the food industry.

Their massive popularity is mainly because of a growth in the food delivery service.

Nowadays, restaurants are delivering food to their customers’ homes. They need to deliver it when it is still warm.

Apart from keeping food warm, an insulated bag prevents the accumulation of moisture around the food.

The end result is the food will be delivered while in a perfect condition.

It won’t be soggy nor lose some of its flavors.

Chapter 2: What are Insulated Bags Made Of?

cooler bag

cooler bag

When it comes to handling food, most of us tend to be more sensitive.

You want to know the type of material that is used to make insulated food carriers for hot food.

The type of lunchbox material will determine whether it will be able to keep food hot or cool for long.

Other materials include:
-Styrofoam insulated bag
-Gel packs

These materials are used in both internal and external parts of the bag.

They are woven very tightly so as to prevent heat exchange between inside and outside the bag.

An insulating fabric is usually woven between the internal and external layers.

There are several reasons why these materials are preferred for making delivery bags.

Apart from their ability to preserve temperature, they are not affected by the external weather conditions.

Not even the snow or extreme heat will affect temperatures inside the bag.

Chapter 3: What is the Best Size of Insulated Bags

Insulated bags for food delivery comes in different sizes and shapes.

These sizes range from a small insulated bag, medium insulated bags, and large insulated bags.

The size that you choose depends on where you are going to use the bag.

If you are planning to use the bag to carry large quantities of food, you will definitely buy large hot cold bags for food.

For a small quantity of food, you will buy small hot cold bags.

In fact, an insulated snack pouch will work for you.

Chapter 4: Insulated Bag Configuration

The configuration of insulated bags explains how you should handle the bag.

The most common configuration is the top loading insulated meal bag.

It simply means you open and close the bag from the top.

This type of configuration is ideal for quite an array of foods and drinks

Another configuration is the end loading insulated bag.

This configuration allows you to put food into the bag from the front.

This one is ideal for pizza delivery bags and insulated sandwich bag.

From the different configurations, you will find the following types of insulated bags:

-Insulated drink bag
-Insulated gift bags
-Insulated totes
-Insulated freezer shopping bags
-Insulated grocery bags
-Insulated handbag
-Insulated picnic cooler
-Insulated sandwich bag

You only need to choose any of these insulated meal bags then analyze their configurations

Chapter 5: What is the Price of Insulated Bags?

Insulated bags come at different prices.

Whether you are looking for cheap insulated bags or luxury insulated bags, you will be able to find one.

The size and the material of make are just some of the factors that determine the price of the insulated food carrier bag.

You will pay more for an insulated purse that is made of quality material.

You are also likely to pay a high price tag for large insulated storage bags.

Insulated bags manufacturers also have a say on the final price of the bag.

Some will sell food carrier bags at a high price while others will sell the same bag cheaply.

Food delivery service source PIXABAY

Food delivery service source PIXABAY

Let’s say you run a food delivery service.

It is obvious that you would want insulated bags that will be talking about your brand.

The lunch bags or cooler bags should tell people about your brand.

It is possible to buy branded cooler bags or promotional bags.

Custom lunch bags with logo and branded cooler bags will help to market your brand.

Chapter 6: What Type of Closures is Used on Insulated Bags?

There are different ways of closing an insulated bag.

You should be careful with the type of closure that is on the insulated bag.

It should not allow heat to escape from the bag.

The closure also minimizes the movement of food.

The most common types of closures for insulated bags include:
-Zipper closure
-Side release buckle closure
-Hook and loop closure

Each type of closure for insulated bags has advantages and disadvantages.

Chapter 7: Top 5 Insulated Bags Brands

As always, the brand matters.

You want to buy from the best insulated bags manufacturers.
Here are the top 5 brands that manufacture hot cold bags.

1.NZ Home XL
The company is known for manufacturing a wide variety of insulated bags.

The company is based in New Zealand and supplies its insulated bags across the universe.

2.NewWay Insulated Bag
NewWay Bag is a Chinese-based company that deals with different types of bags.

The supplier is known for selling insulated bags at very affordable prices.

3.Kibaga Premium Insulated Bag
Kibaga is another popular brand that sells premium insulated bags.

The brand is found almost everywhere and supplies bags across the universe.

4.Earthwise Insulated Food Bag
As the name suggests, Earthwise is all about manufacturing environment-friendly insulated bags.

The brand also manufactures different types of tote bags for food delivery.

5.Ateny Insulated Food Bag
Ateny is another known brand in the insulated bag arena.

The company manufactures different sizes of bags which are primarily used for food delivery.

Now you know where to buy the best insulated bags for frozen food and hot food.

The best brands always sell the best thermal bags.

Whether you want custom hot cold bags for food delivery, you will find them at the above brands.

Chapter 8: Where Can I Buy the Best Insulated Bags?

Now you are ready to buy insulated bags for food delivery.

What next?

You need to look for reliable insulated bags manufacturer.

The internet is one place where you can buy insulated bags online.

Compare what different suppliers have and choose the best.


There are many amazing benefits that you can enjoy from using insulated bags.

The good thing is there are different types of insulated bags that you can choose.

Once you decide on the type of insulated bag that you want, make effort to contact reliable insulated bag manufacturer in China.

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