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  • 15 + years Drawstring Bags Manufacturing Experience
  • Kinds of materials:cotton ,canvas,jute,linen,polyester,denim
  • Size & printing can be customized for your any Drawstring Bags.
  • Used in packaging ,gift,shoe bag,wine bag,lingerie show bag,promotion bag.
  • Feature :convenient, eco-friendly,portable,green.
  • Our 16 inspectors will do inspection on all our Drawstring bags.

Newway Eco-Friendly Bags Advantages

  • Direct Factory Price
    You can get competitive Eco Bags price directly from factory. Buy directly from Eco friendly bag manufacturer.
    One-stop Solutions
    Product solution, sample first, then payment, production, shipment and after sales, the whole PDCA system.
    Eco friendly Printing
    We only use water based inks on your Cotton Bags. This is the most environmentally friendly way of printing.
    Quality Guarantee
    All products purchased have a 6 months limited warranty against defects in material and workmanship.
    Accept OEM Bag Orders
    Custom material, size, color, logo and quantity, help to suggest solutions to meet your budget requirements, support your own brand establishment.
    Delivery in time
    The finished Canvas bags bulk will be delivered in time as per your request. All products are inspected before delivery.

Why do we choose Newway bag

  • Newway Bag has 255 employees to support your bulk orders.
  • Newway bag 100% inspect all Drawstring bags before delivery.
  • Newway bag team will support on your business 7/24 online.
  • We assure 1-2 days to provide samples for new design.
  • Accept all customized design and materials.
  • Newway are looking for partners in global market

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Drawstring Bags Buying Guide

Custom drawstring bag

Custom drawstring bag

In recent years, drawstring bags have been gaining popularity across the world. They are trendy such that you will look cool when you wear them. Although they only seem to have gained massive popularity recently, these bags have a rich history behind them. They come in different shape, sizes, and styles. In this post, we will cover everything that you need to know about drawstring bags. We will even give you the best tips for buying drawstring bags in China

Have you ever thought of buying drawstring bags?

There are many factors that could be motivating you to buy this type of bag.

One of them is their portability.

We cannot deny the fact that drawstring bags are very portable.

You just need to pack, grab and go.

One thing that makes these bags portable is their lightweight.

To young people, carrying a drawstring bag is regarded as being trendy and fashionable.

Take a walk into any fitness center such as a gym.

You will discover that most people prefer to use drawstring bags.

Do not just be carried away by the cool features of a drawstring bag.

The bag does not fail to do its primary mandate.

It can store your items safely.

What are Drawstring Bags Made of?

By now, you would like to know about the material that is used for making drawstring bags.

Well, we cannot deny the fact that there are different types of drawstring bags.

Each type is made of unique material.

The following are the materials that are used for making drawstring bags:

-Cotton drawstring bag
-Burlap drawstring bag
-Canvas drawstring bag
-Mesh drawstring bag
-Nylon drawstring bag
-Polyester drawstring bag

From this list of drawstring bags types, which one should I buy?

You first need to know the characteristics of each material that we have listed.

List both the pros and cons of each material then at the end of it compare them

You will remain with a drawstring bag material that you can tolerate.

Your budget can also determine the type of drawstring bag that you should buy.

This is because different materials for drawstring bags have different prices.

Drawstring Bags vs Ordinary Bags

Drawstring Bags vs Ordinary Bags

Drawstring Bags vs Ordinary Bags

You are torn between buying a traditional bag and a drawstring bag.

Are there any unique features that should motivate you to abandon the traditional bags for drawstring bags?

Yes, there are some glaring differences between these two types of bags.

Here are some of them:

-Portability: While you can move around with both bags, a drawstring bag will give you an extra edge.
It is smaller, lighter and more portable than the traditional bags.

-Compartments: A drawstring bag has one main compartment while a traditional bag can have many compartments.
This means that in terms of organization, the traditional bag is better.

-Accessibility: You will be able to access the contents of your drawstring bag faster than in a traditional bag.
This is because there are no zippers and compartments to deal with.

-Customization: It is quite easier and core convenient to customize a drawstring bag than a traditional bag.

Drawstring Bag Uses

From the look of things, drawstring bags are cool.

You can use them to carry different items and on different occasions.

Here are the most common uses of drawstring bags:

-Storage of kid’s toys
-As a travel kit especially for carrying toiletries and other light items
-As a beach bag
-As a schoolbag for carrying stationery
-As a shopping bag carrying light shopping
-As a gym bag

The good thing about drawstring bags is their versatility.

Anyone can use it regardless of their gender or age.

What is the Size of a Drawstring Bag?

Before buying a drawstring bag, you need to be sure about its size.

Will the size be perfect on me?

There are many ways of analyzing the size of a drawstring bag.

The first one is the bag size.

Bag size in this context refers to the main compartment where you will be keeping your items.

To choose the best size bag, try to imagine the size of the largest item that you will put in the bag.

Use the dimensions of that item as a reference point.

Choose a bag that is slightly larger than that item.

Although there is a standard drawstring bag size, don’t assume that everything will be okay.

You need to put your comfort first.

The second method of choosing the right size of this bag is by analyzing the drawstring length.

The length will determine how comfortable you will be when carrying the bag.

The good news is most drawstring lengths are adjustable.

You can adjust it to the level where you feel that the bag is very comfortable on your back.

If you are not sure about the size of the drawstring bag, ask the manufacturer for some clarification.

The Price of Drawstring Bags

What is the cost of a drawstring bag?

As we have seen, there are different types of drawstring bags.

The differences are based on the material of make, size, design and style.

The price of a drawstring bag depends on these specifications.

Otherwise, you can get cheap drawstring bags while at the same time get expensive drawstring bag.

Where Can I Buy the Best Drawstring Bags?

Whether you want to buy wholesale drawstring bags or just a single bag, be careful with where you buy.

While there are many drawstring bag manufacturers and suppliers, not all of them are good.

Focus on buying from reputable drawstring bag manufacturers.

They will guarantee you a true value for your money.

Reputable suppliers sell only the best quality bags, nothing short of that.

Take your time to vet each drawstring bag manufacturer that you come across.

Ensure that the manufacturer is registered and licensed by the relevant authorities in China.

Check for the reviews to find out what other people are saying about them.

Avoid drawstring bag manufacturers that have many negative reviews.


So, are you ready to buy the best drawstring bag?

The information in this article is sufficient to help you make the right decision.

Just use the tips that we have mentioned and you will end up with a quality bag from the best drawstring bag manufacturer in China.

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