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  • 15 + years Disposable 3Ply Face Mask Manufacturing Experience
  • Face masks with the capacity of 1,000,000pcs per day
  • Size & printing can be customized for your any Cotton Bags.
  • BFE95%, BFE99% filter paper and Normal filter paper.
  • Used in Hospital or by normal citizen, Approved CE & ISO certificates.
  • Our 16 inspectors will do inspection on all our Disposable 3Ply Face Masks.

Newway Eco-Friendly Bags Advantages

  • Direct Factory Price
    You can get competitive Eco Bags price directly from factory. Buy directly from Eco friendly bag manufacturer.
    One-stop Solutions
    Product solution, sample first, then payment, production, shipment and after sales, the whole PDCA system.
    Eco friendly Printing
    We only use water based inks on your Cotton Bags. This is the most environmentally friendly way of printing.
    Quality Guarantee
    All products purchased have a 6 months limited warranty against defects in material and workmanship.
    Accept OEM Bag Orders
    Custom material, size, color, logo and quantity, help to suggest solutions to meet your budget requirements, support your own brand establishment.
    Delivery in time
    The finished Canvas bags bulk will be delivered in time as per your request. All products are inspected before delivery.

Why do we choose Newway Masks

  • Disposable 3Ply Face Mask factory with high quality.
  • We will process the artwork with your personalized.
  • ISO, CE standards for all Newway Disposable Face Mask.
  • The very fast lead time and sample making.
  • Strictly Inspected Before Delivery.
  • Newway are looking for partners in global market.

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The Complete Buying guide: disposable face masks (non-surgical)

disposable face masks
Since the first announcement of the coronavirus, people all over the world have taken measures to keep them safe and protect others as well. One such action has been the use of disposable face masks.

As the manufacturers and suppliers of non-surgical disposable face masks, we have taken steps to ensure the availability of quality face masks so that people can use to stay safe at this time of this medical pandemic. However, the availability of these disposable face masks does not count if people are knowledgeable enough to use them properly.

This buyers’ guide is aimed at presenting valuable insight on the uses of disposable face masks and how you can get the best disposable face masks without a lot of struggle.

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Things to look for and avoid when buying a cloth mask

Many manufacturers and suppliers of disposable face masks are now racing to meet the demands of this new protective gear.

But not every face mask factory is doing its best to offer high-quality disposable face masks.

Some people are in it for the business perspective. That is why distributors of non-surgical disposable face masks need to identify the most reputable manufacturers in the market. Here are the things you should watch out for if you are ordering any protective covers online.

Do not buy the surgical face masks unless you are supplying medical practitioners. At the moment, hospitals are experiencing shortages of these items, and it would be wise to use the non-surgical disposable face masks unless otherwise advised.

The disposable face masks should be large enough to cover the mouth and nose. Additionally, it should have a proper fastening that keeps it firmly on your face, so you do not have to adjust the mask all the time.

An adjustable band should be tight enough to ensure that your nose and mouth are well covered with very minimal gaps.

Ensure that the disposable face masks are tightly woven and are water-resistant as opposed to being stretchy. The mask should be at least two-layered.

The ease of sanitizing the mask in boiling water or washing machine should be a priority. That means that the mask should not have fancy materials or fabric glues.

The price of disposable face masks matters a lot. At this time, all world economies are experiencing economic constraints. It is, therefore, essential to consider affordable face masks as compared to suppliers that offer costly disposable face masks.

Lastly, when buying disposable face masks, remember to avoid dubious suppliers and websites. Such dealers may not meet safety measures and quality assurances.

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Common mistakes people make when using disposable face masks

Wearing the mask upside down, over the nose only or leaving the nose uncovered. The effectiveness of the mask is only assured if it used adequately to cover the mouth and nose.

Adjusting the mask all the time. You need to have a firm mask to avoid touching it all the time. The moment you touch any surface, you risk contaminating the mask.

Pulling the mask slightly down to eat or talk and then getting it back to position.

Using a disposable mask more than once.

Wearing one mask for extended periods. It is essential to use a mask for a day and not longer than that. The outer layer of the mask accumulates pathogens over time and should not be used when the viral load has collected so much on the mask.

Disposing of used masks wrongly. Once a disposable face mask is used, it should be kept away to avoid cross-contamination of clean surfaces.

Using counterfeit face masks. The best disposable face mask should have the qualities described above to ensure maximum protection. We manufacture and supply quality disposable face masks that meet the health standards set by the world health organization to ensure that you are safely protected from the coronavirus and other infections.

Why you should order disposable face masks from us

We make high-quality disposable face masks under clean conditions to ensure that you are safely protected. At the moment, we can deliver up to 1million pieces of disposable face masks per day. Our anti-coronavirus face masks are carefully designed with the following features:

i.Easy to adjust ear loops that are made from an elastic band to ensure that you do not have to adjust your face mask.

ii.High fluid content for maximum respiratory protection

iii.Excellent design nose piece made of plastic and aluminum strip

iv.Three layers of material for maximum protection

v.Made from non-woven materials but with the best air permeability

On top of the fascinating features, our disposable face masks are tested in the United States, certified and approved by CE ISO for excellent protection against entry of germs and infections. The size of disposable face masks can be customized to fit the preferences of our clients.

These non-surgical disposable face masks are ideal for use in every environment, from hospitals to shopping malls and at home.

Additionally, you can choose to order the two-layered (two-ply) or three-layered (three-ply) face masks that are ideal for you.

Frequently asked questions about disposable face masks.

When should I wear a mask?

It is essential to wear masks whenever you are going out in public places like shopping malls.
Additionally, face masks are recommended where it is impossible to keep the one-meter social distance.
What kind of mask should I use?

There are many types of masks that you can use to prevent the spread of infections. The kind of face masks depends on the setting you are in.

Surgical face masks and ventilators are recommended for doctors dealing with infected people. Other users can use non-surgical disposable face masks or cloth covers made from home.

Will a mask protect me from getting Covid-19?

The direct answer at the moment is no. Face masks are recommended to prevent the spread of the virus. That is, if you are infected, you use the face mask to protect other people.
Why aren’t more medical masks available?

The demand for medical face masks is currently high that manufacturers cannot keep up with that rate.

Mostly, countries that manufactured surgical face masks have banned exportation from meeting their demand.

Disposable face masks are, however, available, and we supply the best quality.

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