Non woven bags are among the many eco friendly bags that you should consider buying. Unlike disposable bags, non woven bags are reusable. You don’t need to throw them after a single use. Probably you are wondering whether it is wort to buy non woven bags in China. If you are looking for facts and guidance about the non woven bags, you are at the right place.

You have heard about non woven bags and their advantages.

But, are they worth your time and money?

Should you go ahead and import the non woven bags from China?

Whether you are an individual or you are running a business, there are many reasons why you need to pay attention to the non woven bags.

Before you buy one, take some time to go through this buying guide of the non woven bags.

You will learn all the essentials that you need to know about the bag.

What are Non Woven Bags?

We can define non woven bags as bags that are made of the non woven fabrics.

This leads to another question, what are non woven fabrics?

These are web-like structures that are formed as a result of entangling fiber together.

The entangling process is done mechanically, chemically or thermally.

The method used depends on the preference of the non woven bag manufacturer.

The fabrics used in non woven bags are environment-friendly.

This explains why non woven bags are categorized as eco friendly bags.

What are the Types of Non Woven Bags?

Are the non woven bags all the same?

No, there are different types of non woven bags.

Here are the four main types of non woven fabrics that are used to make non woven bags:

1.Spunbound Non Woven Fabric

As the name suggests, this type of non woven fabric is produced by spinning filaments on the collection belt uniformly.

These filaments will then bond with the fibres and later on, they will be separated by the electrostatic charges.

The bonding between filaments and fibres results in a very strong fabric.

Application of spunbound fabrics includes textile packaging, medical packaging, and engineering packaging.

2.Airlaid Non Woven Fabric

In this process, the fast-moving elements of fabric are first dispersed then condensed.

The condensation usually results in a strong fabric that can be used to form bags.

Woodpulp forms the largest component of the airlaid fabric.

It is mixed with SAP which enhances its bonding capability

3.Drylaid Fabric

Drylaid fabric is mainly composed of natural fibres.

Synthetic fibre, carbon, steel, and glass are added for the purpose of enhancing the strength of the fibre.

4.Wetlaid Fabric

Wetlaid non woven fabrics are manufactured through a papermaking process.

Water is used to bond the fibres which end up forming strong and flexible fabrics.

Bags made of this type of non woven fabric are usually used for light duties.

Before buying non woven bags from China, confirm its type.

The manufacturer should specify the types of non woven fabrics that have been used on the bag.

What is the Difference Between Non Woven and Woven Bags?

What if I buy woven bags instead of non woven bags?

Is there any big difference between the two types of bags?

Just from the name, you can tell that the difference between the two is how they are made.

Woven bags are made from woven fabric.

On the other hand, non woven bags are made from the entangled fibres.

So which one is strong between woven vs non woven bags?

Both of them are strong and durable. Only that some variants of non woven bags tend to be relatively weak.

Also, both woven and nonwoven bags are ideal for graphics and customization.

Are Non Woven Bags Environment-Friendly?

Will you be able to conserve the environment by using the nonwoven bags?

Yes, non woven bags are eco friendly.

Here are ways that prove non woven bags are friendly to the environment.

-Non woven bags are reusable and recyclable

Once you have used a non woven bag, you won’t have to dicard it.

You can use it over and over again.

Even after the bag seems to be no longer useful, the material can be recycled to make another bag.

This means that non woven bags minimize the amount of waste that is released to the environment.

They minimze the accumulation of plastic waste.

-Environment-friendly process

The manufacturing process of the non woven bags has minima impact to the environment.

No toxic gases or fumes are released to the atmostphere.

Reputable non woven fabric manufacturers in China stick to the eco-friendly manufacturing processes.

On the other hand, there is a lot of air pollution in the manufacturing process of pastic bags.

Are you willing to make a contribution to environmental conservation?

You better switch to the non woven bags.

Regardless of how small the contribution may be, its impact will be felt.

Do Non Woven Bags Contain Plastics?

Yes, quite a good percentage of non woven bags contain some elements of plastics.

But, aren’t plastics pollutants of the environment?

You don’t need to panic as the percenrtage of plastic in these bags is very small.

Also, the fact that non woven bags are reusable means that they are eco-friendly.

What are the Uses of Non Woven Bags?

Non woven bags have a wide range of applications.

Here are the most common applications of the non woven bags:

-Non woven shopping bag
-Non woven school bags
-Non woven textile bag
-Non woven grocery bags

What is the Price of Non Woven Bags?

The cost of non woven bags is determined by several factors.

Among them are the size and quality of the bag.

As we have seen, there are different types of non woven bags and they differ in terms of quality.

You will pay more for large and high-quality non woven bags.

The price may also depend on the non woven bags manufacturers.

This is why you should directly contact the manufacturers for detailed information about the non woven bags prices.

In conclusion, we hope that this guide has given you valuable insights into non woven bags.

Do you have any question about this bag?

Do not hesitate to contact the nonwoven polypropylene fabric suppliers.